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Mar 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
left of the stock chart, cisco has moved up and intel moved up more, and chevron saw their stock double. now, the one local dow component that lost ground is hewlett-packard that had its own problems but to be fair, even hp is up 40% on the year. what it comes down to is the dow and the stock market seem to like budget cuts. jessica? >> thank you very much. scott. it's not exactly a life sentence but st. mary's, the squad will have to live with the severe punishment. we are in the comcast sportsnet studio on more on how the long punishment lasts and what the gaels did no deserve the punishment? >> the saint mary's program hit with ncaa violation rules. stemming from improper conduct. that had recruiting violations. there's no major postseason ban for the gaels. that is the good news. bad news, four years probation from now. a 5-conference game suspension and bennett cannot recruit off campus for a year. reduction of scholarships from 13 to 11 through 2016. those are some of the penalties and here is the reaction from the head coach, randy bennett. >> i will say, that i thought th
Mar 6, 2013 4:30am PST
cisco over the name. the two sides eventually resolved things. >> i can't imagine it being called anything else. >> welcome back, christina. good to see you. >> i would be better if mother nature wasn't doing me dirty. >> work, work. >> i have been tracking the storm for a while. it looks like now we are getting the worst of it. we have a series of storms marching in. the most weather we have had. in fact, the most rain we have had this year so far on the way as we head through the next couple of days. now we are seeing the actual cold front draped across san jose and gilroy getting hit as well. the south bay traveling cautiously. it's active. let's track the impressive cells in san jose. you are getting red and yellow over willow glen. it will be a rough ride. mike is tracking the drive to get you there on time and safely. campbell, 58 minutes away from heavy downpours. throughout the morning hours that will be the case. most of the activity is pressing south of the golden gate bridge at this point. look what happened on the north end of the cold front where the winds are the str
Mar 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
cisco systems. the networking giant ordered to pay $70 million to a new york company. a jury found that cisco fraudulently obtained technology. cisco says it will appeal. >>> it has been a whirl wind of 48 hours for twitter. the san francisco company which lets you communicate to the world in 180 characters or less turned seven years old yesterday and has shown why people love it and in some cases fear it. >> reporter: ipad in hand you can say sergeant mike fisher is what twitter is all about, sending out quick messages to followers about what he and the mountain view police department is doing as part of a global tweet athon featuring pds. >> we are able to interact with the community on a quicker level. as soon as we send information out and say there is a traffic accident we can put that out right away and it feeds off. we have close to 5,500 followers. we are hitting that many people instantly. >> reporter: it's not every day that every traffic stop is broadcast via twitter but in 140 characters or less this department and this town is becoming a two-way street. >> now it's com
Mar 6, 2013 5:00am PST
dispute with cisco over the name. >> here's a trick question. if you put a dollar in the bank in 1987 how much money would you have now? you say you would have less. >> you would have less when you account for inflation. the savings account even with the extra cents of interest buys less. the dow jones industrial average is calculated without taking inflation into account. when you do we technically didn't break a record. if i sound like a spoil sport some are complaining family incomes are going down as the dow goes up. that's true to a point but income measurements are adjusted to inflation and the dow isn't. this is comparing apples to noninflation adjusted apples. and the worst thing is it causes the retirement to be worth less. it also explains why rich people borrow money. mark zuckerberg has a mortgage. in the end he pays less in interest than the rate of inflation. if i buy a dollar in the lunchroom, pay you back in ten years the dollar i give you is worth less than the dollar i borrowed. the european union has slapped microsoft with a fine worth $732 million american dollars for
Mar 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
the right things and that when we do the right things, they're replicated in the future. >> cisco systems provided the funding for this pilot program. >> a cyclist accused of hitting a pedestrian in san francisco will face trial. the cyclist broke down in tears today as his attorney told the court he's a good man. the prosecutors say he ran multiple red lights and stop signs on his bicycle before running in a 71-year-old man and killing him. he will be arraigned on march 21st on charges of feen vehicular man slaughter. >> a reward doubled for any information leading to the arrests of the person who poisoned a richmond police dog. it happened last week. police say the officer's home was broken into and burglars poisoned his two dogs. the officer's dog and the police dog that he works with. the police dog is recovering, but the officer's personal dog is dead. an east bay pet supply food chain, pet food express added $10,000 to the reward money already offered by the richmond police department. >> in just 20 days, the morning commute on the golden gate bridge will look different. tol
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5